The Association

The Juristas de la Salud Association (Jurists of Health also known as JS) was created in 1992 as a nonprofit, volunteering association to group all those professionals who are interested in issues related to health law and health.

Any individual or legal entity whose activities are developped in the context of health law and health or show an interest in this concret branch of law can become a member.

Juristas de la Salud is a member of the Sociedad Española de Salud Pública y Administración Sanitaria (SESPAS).


Our job is to divulge the Association's work. Juristas de la Salud has as a main goal to favor through its activities the promotion and spreading of the studies related to health law and health. This includes, among others, the following activities:

  • Spreading the theoretical-practical knowledge of those professionals who provide advisory services in the field of the management of health services.
  • Making easier to jurists the interpretation and application of health law.
  • Stimulating professionals' interest in the knowledge of health law.
  • Spreading the training of specialists on this legal area.
  • Establishing new professional contacts and exchanges, comparing different investigations on these issues, developed by those persons or institutions interested in those fields whether they are national or not.
  • Organizing conferences, meetings and other scientific activities in the field of health law, by itself or working with other organizations and entities.
  • Producing specialized publications related to this area of law.
  • Keeping and promoting the creation of specialized bibliography.
  • Developing any other activities related to health law.

Territorial Jurisdiction

The Association JS will develop its activities through the Spanish territory with indefinite duration.